Womens Kimono Robe Bridesmaid Bathrobes Lightweight Viscose Short Dress

If you have been on the hunt for a beautiful new summer style bathrobe that is anything but fuzzy, overly warm, and too heavy to when the summer sun gets nice and toasty but haven’t been able to land something lightweight, durable, and (of course) adorable you are in luck.

Ekouaer Womens Kimono BathrobesThe Women’s Kimono Robe Bridesmaid Bathrobes Lightweight Viscose Short Dress is certainly one of the very best roads available on the market today for summertime, and it’s a going to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe and a three season companion is that you’ll find yourself reaching for a lot more often than you might have thought you would.

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Modern sexy cut sets this bathrobe apart from all others

Though there are quite a few different bathrobes available on the market today, there aren’t too terribly many of them that have the same kind of modern kimono style cut as this one does.

Super modern, super minimalist, and super attractive, you are going to appreciate all of the clean lines color relatively tight fit, and feminine accents that this bridesmaid style bathrobe brings to the table.

View on AmazonThe combination of incredibly lightweights and that it material (something we will touch on in just a moment) and the short sleeves and short length of this robe help you stay nice and cool in the summer time – and it looks fantastic to boot!

Synthetic materials keep you feeling nice and cool all summer long

The majority of bathrobes out there right now are incredibly heavy and use a blend of natural and synthetic materials that do a fantastic job at soaking up heat to keep you toasty when it’s cold outside, but that’s the exact opposite of what you want in the summer.

In the summer you are going to be on the hunt for a very lightweight yet very durable bathrobe that will keep you feeling nice and fresh all day long – especially if you want to do a little bit of lazy lounging out in the sun.

The blend of 95% viscose/5% elastane is going to provide you with that almost paper thin kind of feel you’re looking for with breathability and cooling results you just won’t get out of any other fabric blend.

View on AmazonSure, it isn’t quite as breathable as a 100% cotton robe, but had the exact same time it isn’t anywhere near as heavy and breathes just fine!

Durability is a little bit of a question

The only real concern that some people have voiced regarding this bathrobe is that it may not be anywhere near as durable as folks hoped it would be.

A lot of that has to do with the delicate synthetic materials used in its construction, but as long as you properly clean and dry this bathrobe according to the directions on the tag you really shouldn’t have any trouble wearing this for years and years to come.

Final verdict

Those on the hunt for a summertime bathrobe, or those that want to give each and every one of their bridesmaids a robust as a commemorative piece a while getting ready for the ceremony, are going to fall in love with everything that the Women’s Kimono Robe Bridesmaid Bathrobes Lightweight Viscose Short Dress has to offer!

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