Women’s Fashion: The 1920’s

The 1920’s was a very elegant and fresh start for the fashion world, especially women. The were free of the long skirts and high neck blouses and could start to wear loose clothing, even shorter skirts. It was much noted as a liberation front for women and they showed it with much ease. There were many particular styles that women have adapted to in the 1920’s and here are some of the most popular looks of the time. In these days, getting the look of the 1920’s has been a roaring sensation!

Shirts and Dresses

Many women could be found wearing a button up menswear shirt with a soft chiffon sheen to it. No more were they wearing the restricting feel of the corset and garter belts, some even wore no bra underneath their blouse shirts. There were other types of shirts as well such as lacey that has been kept over from the Edwardian period, as well as lengthy loose and flowing tank tops covered with a long fur coat. For sweater wear, a horizontal striped sweater in the colors of white and navy and red and beige were very popular in this time.

Dresses were very popular as well and many of them were very streamlined and a line. The dresses could in the form of a tank style, baring their chest with a low front and was made of silk, chiffon, and limon. Camisole type dresses were worn with a long scarf and cloche type of hat. Of course the fringed dresses worn by flappers are also most noted in this decade.


Women started to opt for a more shorter skirt than the previous times. The shortest skirt in this decade were the flowing ones made of wool and yet again, chiffon or limon and stopped right at the knee. Long silk stockings were also worn with these, or beige colored nylons. If the woman was even more daring she would not wear under hose of any kind! The flounced pleated skirts were also worn, most by the younger women, as older women wore more clean cut and narrow skirts.


High heels started to show up in this period much more often, loafers were not very well considered and the kitten heel was worn very much along with flapper culture. Other heels had a short heel of about 2 inches, were also most considered with a more long and even plaid style of skirt. Flat shoes were worn most often with the streamlined straight dresses.

The 1920’s was a very fashionable time for women most unquestionably and it is great to see these fashions coming back again. Mixing the new and the old can create a timeless style while absorbing the latest trends.