Women’s Chiffon Asian Floral Bird Leaf Print Fringe Kimono Wrap Jacket Blouse

Rogue Finery offers a range of classy and affordable fashion for women.  Making a reputation for itself by providing a standard of quality that people appreciate, the company has expanded to all corners of women’s fashion, including things as specific as Kimono inspired clothes.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to consider their floral bird leaf print fringe Kimono.  Does it stand up to the reputation Rogue Finery has worked hard to create and will it be worth your money?  Let’s take a moment to answer these questions and more.

womens-chiffon-asian-floral-bird-leaf-print-fringe-kimono-wrap-blouseThe floral bird leaf print fringe Kimono is striking in how lightweight and airy it is.  Perfect for warmer summer months, it manages to make layering possible and fun even when the heat is turned up.  Hanging elegantly on the upper arms before turning into open full sleeves, the overall look is flowing.  The strings hanging around the sides help to heighten the visual effect bringing the eye to it even across the room.  100% polyester, the Kimono comes in 6 different sizes.

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Decorated in faded floral details that offer a vibrant tinge to a toned down look, the overall appearance is classy.  The lighter colors go with an incredible range of fashion choices.  Whether you are wearing it after you wake up, to a formal event, or anything in between, the Kimono by Rogue Finery manages to work well with most looks.  A bohemian look popularized more than a century ago and perfected in modern fashion; the Kimono ends up being highly versatile.

womens-chiffon-asian-floral-bird-leaf-print-fringe-kimono A Cost That Surprises

One thing you may notice after you get it in the mail is the attention to detail.  The pattern is not faded and shows through as seen in the pictures.  There is no pixilation in the imagery.  The threading and lace work is carefully and competently handled.  You get all of this for under $40 at time of writing.  Similar ideas released by other brands can be nearly twice as expensive while providing only minimal benefits.

Pros And Cons of the Floral Bird Leaf Print Fringe Kimono

If nothing else, you will appreciate how pretty this Kimono is in person.  Incredibly soft and lightweight, it aids in air flow and cuts down in sweating.  Great with vintage jewelry for a classy look, the Kimono is also loved for how versatile its use can be.  In the end, it is quite feminine, pretty, and well worth the cost.

View on AmazonOne of the main drawbacks you may experience with the Kimono is the fringe.  It has as bit of a shine, which may not be what you are looking for.  In addition, the Kimono is a bit tight for those with larger breasts.  Consider getting a larger Kimono if you have bigger breasts.

A Wrap Up

Minor problems aside, the floral bird leaf print fringe Kimono by Rogue Finery is a solid purchase.  If you are looking for something this specific, then you won’t go wrong putting your money into this.  If not, then you may want to consider some other options by Rogue Finery that manage that are a little more toned down and versatile.

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