Women’s Autumn Fashion Trends

Autumn trends have been relatively remaining the same over the past 4 or 5 years now, dark colors, such as browns, purples and deeper maroons and blues seem to make their comebacks every autumn season.

Ugg Boots in particular seem to be a winter and autumn trend that have managed to stick to the mainstream trend for nearly half a decade now. Regardless of how ugly most of us seem to think they are, they managed to stick around due to how comfortable they are, and of course how warm they are.

We are seeing a change in pattern though, where last autumn, plaids and lumberjack patterns took over, paired up with black tight leggings and boots.

Well leggings have not gone out of style quite yet, and we are seeing more and more of the simplistic, yet oh-so-comfortable trend keeping a cool first place in the run for popularity. It does not seem like this trend is losing it’s pace either, as simple tight leggings have been popular through all seasons, winter, autumn, spring and summer.

The new trend however that we are noting this autumn is the ugly grandma patterns. Personally the patterns this season are puke educing, with small flowery buds splattered all over a perfectly shaped thin sweater or half sleeved tee-shirt.

I am not sure whom is in charge of these releases in stores, or what fashion designer came up with granny panty themes on clothing this season, but personally, I hope they do not stick around for too long.

This autumn seasons trend as far as shirts go, goes to the granny panty themes; flowery buds with veiny vines stretching all about. I must say though, I do not imagine this trend will last long…hopefully just this season, and then off with it…for good!

Pants thankfully have not changed all too much, you will notice darker browns and cargo pants making its way back onto the racks this autumn. Colors have not changed, but styles are only slightly altered in comparison to last years darker colored pants.

You will find skinny belts making a comeback in the accessory department. Most we have seen are stringy Indian-like leathery strappy belts, which is a nice change considering last years horribly ugly big-fat-fatty belts.

When it comes to makeup and nail colors, everything seems to be sticking the same, darker nail colors, and neutral natural looking makeup. Bold eyes however are making a comeback, where last season it was all about less being more. We all know how that worked out though right? You ended up looking like desperate housewives with no makeup on.

All in all, everything this autumn season seems to be a semi decent change of pace compared to this summers neon overkill, however I could totally do without looking at the puke fest floral granny patterns hogging up rack space in nearly every clothing store.