Vintage Bohemian Flower Lace Trim Shawl cardigan Chiffon Kimono Blouse cardigan

Cardigans aren’t just for librarians any longer! This beautiful Bohemian flower lace trim cardigan is lightweight, incredibly attractive, and manufactured out of only the highest quality fabrics so that you don’t have to worry about overheating in this cardigan when summertime rolls around.

Please note: This product appears to no longer be available, during the rebuild of my web site I decided to include the review anyway so it wasn’t a complete waste, however I can no longer locate any product images to even show it off. There is a similar, but not entirely the same, product which you can find here.

Vintage Bohemian Victorian Flower Lace Trim Cardigan Kimono Blouse Cardigan

View on AmazonVery casual (and we mean very casual) this is an incredibly vibrant flowery cardigan that will catch the attention of free much anyone and everyone you come into contact with, but only in the best of ways.

Not silk and not chiffon, the fabric used in this shawl style cardigan is a little bit heavier weight – but not too heavy. It’s just enough to add some substance to this amazing fashion accessory, and it’s a real “three season” style piece of clothing.

Fight back against wrinkles with this Bohemian flower lace trim shawl style cardigan

One of the most impressive things about the fabric used to create this beautiful cardigan is the fact that it so effortlessly resists wrinkles and creases in a way that silk and chiffon and never could.

If you’ve ever pulled a cardigan (especially a lightweight cardigan) out of your closet after a couple of months only to find that it had wrinkled considerably – and never really knew how to get rid of those wrinkles without potentially damaging the scarf/all/cardigan itself – you certainly aren’t alone.

But thanks to the unique material that this accessory is made out of you’ll never have to worry about all of that headache and hassle ever again!

Incredibly vibrant colors just don’t run

Another thing that really impresses in regards to the Vintage Bohemian Flower Lace Trim Shawl cardigan Chiffon Kimono Blouse cardigan is that it showcases some of the most vibrant colors we’ve ever seen and they do not run even after dozens and dozens of water is already.

While we have certainly seen other pieces of clothing that have showcased just as vibrant colors (and maybe only a handful that had colors that were any brighter or more brilliant), almost all of them eventually lose their luster. It’s just a part of the process.

However we are happy to report that this just doesn’t seem to be the case with this particular piece of clothing. The colors are just as beautiful, just as bright, and just as fresh as they were the very first time that we took it out of its shipping box, and we couldn’t be happier!

Sizing is a little bit on the larger side of things

The only thing that we have to report that you will want to keep your eyes out for is that the sizing of the Vintage Bohemian Flower Lace Trim Shawl cardigan Chiffon Kimono Blouse cardigan is a little bit on the larger side of the fence.

A lot of these casual style shawls and cardigans on the market today are a bit oversized to begin with, so most people are familiar with having to purchase a smaller size when they order, but it is worth knowing right out of the gate.

All things considered, this is an adorably cute fashion base that you just can’t go wrong with. Casual enough for every day or weekend wear but fun enough to add to a more serious outfit, you’ll fall in love with this cardigan right off the bat!

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