Unique Fashions at Talbots

Talbots must be doing something right to be in business 60 years. I know this retailer has helped me dress the part for many occasions, wearing comfortable, stylish, yet classic clothing.

I have been a Talbots shopper since the mid-1980’s. Working in a hectic Wall Street job, I needed to look professional and stylish, but it was difficult for me to find petite sized clothing. I also didn’t have much time to go to stores and shop. A Talbots catalogue came to my door one day and I noticed that nearly every item was offered in petite sizes. The items were generally classic in style, but up-to-date and fresh looking. I’ve been on a shopping spree with the store ever since.

Talbots offers a range of clothing from casual, to business, to evening and formal wear. In recent years, Talbots began offering items in women’s larger sizes and women’s petites as well. Their prices are moderate to expensive, depending on the item, but their clothing is well made and will wear well. One of the biggest advantages I have found in shopping in Talbots is that their clothing fits well to size, and the clothing somehow has a unique style, even while it stays in line with the latest fashions.

For example, I just purchased a formal outfit for a cruise. The outfit included a lace skirt and satin jacket. The jacket is stylish and sophisticated, but the unique buttons on the jacket add to its elegance. This uniqueness is present in so many of its fashion offers. I have actually been stopped on the street and complimented by strangers on my skirt, or my blouse, or my jacket over the years. You will certainly not see yourself “coming and going” in Talbots’ clothing.

Regarding price, some outfits are very affordable. Others are a bit expensive, depending on the material and type of clothing. However, the prices are not in the stratosphere as in some more exclusive department stores carrying designer fashions. Talbots offers good value for the price, and the general “classic” styling will not make the clothing go out of style next year.

Some examples of pricing are as follows: Elegant casual pants range from $78 to $108 per pair, depending on the material. Tee shirts can be as little as $20, and cotton blouses can be about $48. Silk or linen blouses can range from $58 to $78. Blazers can range from $150 to $200. Dresses vary in price depending on material. The nicer, dressier dresses are usually $160 plus. Formal wear can range from about $178 up to about $275.

Talbots also carries great shoes and outerwear, bathing suits and cover-ups, jewelry and pocketbooks. In addition to women’s clothing, Talbots has branched out in recent years to offer styles for men and “kids”.

One of the ways to save money at Talbots is that there are many opportunities to “mix and match” with their clothing. If you apply for and order on the Talbots Credit Card, you receive bonus points for all of your purchases. Depending on the amount you spend, you can receive from one to three $25 dividends during the course of a fashion season.

Every woman likes the feeling of trying on something that looks and feels just right. This is the experience I have when shopping at Talbots. Stop into a Talbots store if there is one near you, and enter the 60th anniversary contest. Otherwise, you can order a catalogue, or visit their website www.talbots.com