Three Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots for Women

Cowboy boots are now one of the mainstays in the fashion world but it is very important that this type of boot is worn in the correct style with the proper outfit. Here we go over how to wear cowboy boots for women- the top 3 ways.

Over top of jeans is one of the ways top stylists are recommending to wear your cowboy boots. A pair of skinny jeans or straight leg jeans will fit easily into your boots and provide a few great features.

They show off the boot more, taper your look down towards your feet which will enhance your curves and provides your outfit with a great clean look at the bottom. Not to mention that having your jeans tucked in will keep them clean and hopefully save them from fraying. Pair this look with a short cut leather jacket and a belt with a bold buckle and you are on your way to putting together one great outfit.

Cowboy boots with a skirt or dress has become a classic fashion style. The two main points to keep in mind when trying to pull off this look are the length of dress and picking proper colors or patterns. Cowboy boots look best with a dress that is just above knee height but no more than 8″ above the knee. As for colors and patterns almost anything works as long as the boots pattern or colors do not clash with the dress because can be dramatic pieces that hold lots of visual weight. Go for a light fun simple black dress with a solid color boot throw in a over sized bag and some fashionable sunglasses to finish the outfit off.

Tights or leggings is the last of the top 3 ways to wear cowboy boots. They fit inside the boots nicely, show off your legs without showing any skin, come in all sorts of colors or patterns and usually feel great to wear. Same as with the dress it is important that the boots don’t clash with tights so if you have say red cowboy boots go for plain black or gray leggings. Got black cowboy boots? Then almost anything will go with them, try black tights with a longer colourful top with an empire waist. Looking for clothing to wear with your cowboy boots?

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