Studded Belts – Still Fashionable?

Despite what anyone says, studded belts are still in fashion for both men and women. Men often wear the black belts with silver studs and women wear the pink belts with silver studs. These belts are seen commonly on all girls, and particularly on emo/punk men.

For girls, these belts match with just about anything. They provide an extra bling for their outfit. These belts are definitely still in fashion and just about anyone you ask owns one. As for men, mostly punk/emo men wear these belts. You will see them wearing these belts with a shirt with a band on it. Also, such people as skateboarders are custom to wearing these belts. You can find a great selection of these belts at stores such as PAC Sun.

Though a majority of men who wear these belts are emo/punk, this is not always the case. Plenty preppy men wear these belts and they fit great. You do not even have to be preppy either. I have seen many rappers on television where studded belts as well. This provides some extra shine and bling to attire to match earrings, grills, or also rhinestone shirts and jeans that are becoming very popular.

An add on to the studded belts are personalized belts that are digital. These studded belts can be bought online for anywhere between $30 and $100 dollars and can be customized to say your name or anything up to 256 characters and the phrase will be where the belt buckle normally would be. One can also program up to 6 different phrases or opinions that the belt buckle will digitally scroll across and let people view the message on your belt. The battery lasts around 20 hours, while the speed and luminance of the scrolling text are also adjustable. This new type of studded belt became popular after celebrities such as Cam’ Ron wore them in his music video for “Dipset Forever” back in 2005.

These digital studded belts are very popular with teenagers. They feel this belt is a great way for them to express themselves and their identity, as well as to get their opinion out. These belts allow others to learn more about the belt owner’s main priorities and name and other important things. Though teenagers can express themselves with these belts now, I am sure that these belts will be another item added to the ban list at school for distracting students. Theft has already occurred among many of those whom bought these new belts, losing their belts to thieves in such places as the locker room during gym.

Studded belts are definitely cool and fashionable. If you do not have one or have worn one/ still do, where have you been??