Spring Women’s Office Wear Trends

With winter now in full swing our minds turn to spring and the clothing which will take us into the new fashion season. And with millions of women dressing to impress at the office, spring office wear is on the top of the list of must haves. With the wonderfully playful trends for women in the workplace, it’s no wonder that once again the lines are being blurred in a fabulous way between office attire and the beauty of women’s fashion.

This spring it’s all about color. With vibrant pinks and oranges as well as yellows and reds at the forefront of this season’s eye catching designs which once again integrate a feminine touch to any designer look. Women want to be seen at the workplace and it’s hard to miss with addition of these eye popping hues which can be the basis of any outfit. And for the more conservative dressers who prefer to be fashionable these colors are easily added to an outfit by making use of brightly dyed accessories. The right pair of earrings or a bold handbag will put you at the top of any best dressed list this spring.

Fabrics will be lightweight and romantic this spring. Toss out the tweed, it’s time to flow and move with the elegance of a light breeze. Fabrics that move with you and shows off the curvacious wonders of the female body will be a spectacular choice this year. Wonderfully liquid silks will be replacing those warm sweaters as the seasons change and skirts that move with you when you walk will be an absolute necessity this spring season. Jackets of light cotton can make or break an office suit. Add a bright yellow chemise underneath and you have created a signature look.

Vintage 70’s inspires the looks to come. When it comes to prints in the upcoming spring it’s’ all inspired by the carefree styles of the 70’s. Bold designs and creative patterns filled with bright spellbinding color make for a singular look that lets a woman make a statement not to be ignored. Vintage pieces can easily be added to an outfit giving you a unique look while staying in trend. By making use of bangle bracelets or a simple mini skirt you are guaranteed to show your eye for fashion while adding a personal touch that showcases not only your wonderful taste in clothing but your personality as well.

The cut of your cloth is all up to you. Dressing to fit your personality has not been this easy in years. With more focus going to colors and prints, women in the office have the opportunity to decide between trousers, skirt or shorts. All are a perfect pick this Spring. Even the full length skirts are carrying over from fall and winter of last year, but in terrifically feminine fabrics with new and large bold prints.

Take a step in the right direction with platforms and wedges. If you have been waiting for an reason to skip the stilettos for awhile then now is the time to prepare. Like all of this spring’s fashion, bright colors and a 70’s inspiration are all you need to pick the right shoes to go with your new looks. They are also a great way to add a little something extra to favorite pieces from last year. As with everything this spring, bright and colorful is the way to go in shoes.

You can always update your current wardrobe with a few choice purchases. If you don’t want to go out and buy a new wardrobe, but you desperately want to stay in trend then simply adding a few accessories might be all you need. Items like a brightly colored or printed belt as well as large beaded necklaces in a rainbow of colors will update your current wardrobe without breaking the bank this Spring.

When preparing for the warming season to come, keep in mind that bold and bright is never wrong. As Spring draws closer you can begin to prepare with some sensual tops that accentuate your femininity, shorts that are tailored and printed and finding the right shoes will add the perfect touch to any outfit. It’s all up to you.