Spring Fashions by Carolina Herrera

One of the best things about Carolina Herrera’s designs is that they always have a fresh and new but classic look to them.

Think early 1960’s and 1970’s when the simple sheath lines were popular. For the spring ready to wear collection, Carolina creates fashions in a palette of hot pink, pale green, reds, white, black, gray that have large white flowers interspersed here and there on dresses and skirts. For some of these garments, the only required decoration is a simple belt in a contrasting color that brightens up the entire outfit.

One particularly striking dress in the collection is cherry red with a pattern of black and white bird forms against the shimmering background. Bows made of the same fabric adorn the shoulders, and a black belt with rhinestones set in the buckle provide and elegant finishing touch.

Another favorite from the collection is a beautiful hot pink satin evening dress that looks like the fabric has been pleated a multitude of times, not like a Mary McFadden gown, but closer to a Grecian model.

What is so beautiful about this dress is that the folds are very prominent in the bodice, while the rest of the fabric drapes perfectly to form the skirt.

A rosette and bow don the top of the strapless dress at the bodice, with a second bow at the waist. This dress could have been designed directly on a dressmaker’s form, pinned perfectly in place, and the pattern drafted afterward.

Sometimes the best fashions are created through draping. One last fashion in the collection worth mentioning is a pale green mermaid dress with a black lace bodice and an empire waistline.

The green fabric here is very form fitting and has a few unique darts traveling right up the front of the dress to the left where a white bow is positioned at an angle. It might be the tone-on-tone pattern in the dress that gives it such a unique appeal. This dress will really flow on that ballroom floor and be perfect with a pair of gold or copper shoes.

If you are not into frilly dresses you can opt for a fun casual blouse and slacks set with a bold yellow flower with a long stem on the front right side of the slacks. The white blouse here is standard and can be worn with anything to work, but these pants are what you want to wear when you go out for a day filled with shopping. Walking down SoHo will get you admirers in no time. Add chunky jewelry to this outfit and you are fully accessorized.

Carolina Herrera fashions can be purchased through her boutique in New York City, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue.