Sakkas Mirabel Stonewashed Corset Style Floral Emboridery Kimono Sleeve Dress

Perfect for those that want to add a little bit of extra realism to their Renaissance fair attire, as well as those that want to rekindle a little bit of that “medieval princess” look on a more casual basis, this stonewashed corset style kimono sleeve dress is as beautiful as it is soft.

sakkas-mirabel-stonewashed-corset-style-floral-kimono-dressDesigned from the ground up to match fashion from the medieval ages, this kimono style sleeve dress looks a lot like the kinds of dresses you’d see on hit shows like the Game of Thrones or gracing the cover of popular fantasy novels, but it takes advantage of the advanced technical materials to produce a very lightweight, extremely comfortable, and very soft finished product.

View on AmazonUnlike the ladies of the medieval era you won’t ever have to worry about fainting from overheating in a heavy wool dress. This corset style embroidered Komodo sleeve dress is manufactured out of 100% rayon to keep things nice and light and completely airy.

Technical fabrics make this kimono style dress fun for all climates

As highlighted above, the 100% rayon that this dress is manufactured out of guarantees that you won’t ever have to worry about beating the heat when you have this dress on.

sakkas-mirabel-stonewashed-corset-style-floral-emboridery-kimono-sleeve-dressThe rayon fabric is incredibly lightweight, very durable, and breathes the same way that many athletic focused pieces of clothing today do – allowing you to expel excess heat so that you don’t have to worry about fainting, becoming fatigued, or sweating excessively.

View on AmazonThe 100% rayon does require a little bit of careful maintenance to keep it looking fantastic for years and years to come (something we will highlight in just a moment), but for the most part you don’t have anything to worry about.

Floral corset style embroidered dress matches the era of its inspiration

While it’s unlikely that anyone from the medieval ages had access to the kind of sewing technology responsible for putting this beautiful embroidered dress together, and the Sakkas Mirabel Stonewashed Corset Style Floral Emboridery Kimono Sleeve Dress has been designed from the ground up to closely match and take inspiration from dresses of that era.

sakkas-mirabel-stonewashed-corset-style-floral-kimono-sleeve-dressThe style is simple and straightforward (with a very flattering cut), and you are sure to be one of the fairest maid’s at the Renaissance Festival that you debut in this dress at.

View on AmazonEmbellishments are minimal though they do add a bit of extra style and punch to this gorgeous dress (available in seven different colors and a variety of different sizes), allowing for role-playing to be possible with this simple, straightforward, but most definitely “highborn style” dress.

The fit and finish of this dress may not run quite true, and the rayon requires a delicate touch for durability

The only real drawbacks regarding this particular dress (if you could even call them drawbacks in the first place) is that the sizing may not be quite as accurate as more traditional dresses – some customers have mentioned that you’d want to order a size larger in this dress for complete comfort – and that the rayon needs to be cleaned it delicately with cold water only and go out on the line to dry so that it doesn’t fall apart.

sakkas-mirabel-stonewashed-floral-emboridery-kimono-sleeve-dressBut as we mentioned above, the certainly aren’t deal breakers by any stretch of the imagination. Both of those drawbacks are easily overcome with just a little bit of diligence, so you don’t have anything to worry about!


At the end of the day, this dress – the Sakkas Mirabel Stonewashed Corset Style Floral Emboridery Kimono Sleeve Dress – is certainly one of the best medieval style dresses you’ll come across, and one you’ll want to add to your Renaissance wardrobe ASAP!

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