A Review of the Losorn Women’s Retro Ethnic Floral Tassels Loose Kimono Cardigan Coat

Selling an incredible range of products online and in stores, the Losorn company and brand caters towards baby and infant clothing, as well as clothing for women.  Met with overall favorable reviews, the company has had a lot of success with its clothing in the past.  Offering options rarely found in stores, Losorn has become known for providing eclectic and fashionable pieces that make a statement.  So, how does their Kimono cardigan with tassels compare to the competition and is it worth buying?  Let’s find out.

losorn-womens-floral-tassels-loose-kimono-cardigan-coatThe Kimono cardigan with tassels by Losorn will first strike you with its overall design.  Resembling a traditional Kimono from the hips up, you get a floral design in pinks, lilacs, greens, and blues.  A black backdrops adds a note of classiness to the outfit. From the hips down however, the kimono takes on a dramatic change, looking as if it is coming undone into tassels.  The look is striking.  The kimono itself is made from chiffon.  With sizes ranging from small to large, be aware that their Asian sizes a re a bit smaller than what you might expect.

View on AmazonA Look Like No Other

The simple truth is that you will struggle to find a Kimono that is as striking as the Kimono cardigan with tassels offered by Losorn.  Fantastic when paired with black pants or leggings, it manages to look classy and sophisticated without the risk of becoming too messy.  Fashionable and approachable, it is great if you want to make a statement and look great in the process.

A Cost That Makes It Approachable

With more designer clothing of this quality, you will often see a far higher price tag than the $20-$30 range at time of review charged for this Kimono cardigan with tassels.  And yet it is nearly a steal at this price.  You will be amazed by how much you end up saving with this over the competition.

Pros And Cons Of Losorn’s Kimono Cardigan With Tassels

As mentioned above, people loved the design.  The tassels are the perfect way to make the look unique, adding to an already complex garment.  You will enjoy how soft it is.  In addition, the lightweight fabric will make it perfect for all times of the year.  Whether worn with layers in colder months or as a cover for things like swimming or lounging around the house, it is hard to go wrong with something as fashionable and pretty as this.

View on AmazonBe aware that your biggest obstacle will be sizing.  Being Asian sizing, the sizes tend to run a bit small with people from the west.  You will want to carefully review the measurements listed on the site to see if it is right for your size before purchase.  Be aware as well that shipping is a little costly, so you will want to confirm your size prior to purchase.

A Wrap Up

All things considered, the Kimono cardigan with tassels by Losorn is well made and worth your consideration if you are interested in the look.  Barring issues with sizing, you will no doubt be happy once it arrives.  Until then, best of luck with your searching and consider some of the other options offered by Losorn as they a have a few similar products.

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