A Review Of The Koh Koh Women’s Stunning Kimono Sleeve Floral Print V-Neck Maxi Dress

Whether you are familiar with Koh Koh or not, you can’t help but admire a company that has managed to make a name for itself by providing superior quality cuts and fashionable design while also saving customers money.  Koh Koh has managed to do just that, using its small size to dynamically orient itself towards consumers.  This includes a recently released wide selection of stunning floral print Kimonos.  How do these Kimono’s compare to other products by Koh Koh that are well received, and are their Kimono’s worthy of your money?  Let’s take a moment to find out.

koh-koh-womens-stunning-cobalt-blue-kimono-sleeve-floral-print-v-neck-maxi-dressThe stunning floral print Kimono by Koh Koh includes a beautiful arrangement of flower and leaves over a blue backdrop.  Two other color options are offered.  While the patterning remains the same, the background blue can be substituted with a black or darker blue background depending on what you are looking for.  The dress is made from polyester spandex and comes in a range of sizes.  A 57” length makes it great for even tall girls, providing a good deal of leg protection.  Capable of being hand washed or dry cleaned depending on your need, you will be happy to know that there is no shipping cost with this dress.

View on AmazonIncredible Variation

While this particular design comes in 3 color ways, there are many other designs and colors that use the same cut offered by the company.  What this provides for you is unparalleled diversity when it comes to finding the right design and colors for your need.  Its overall lightweight design provides even more variation in how you wear it.  Whether it is a nightgown or a party dress, the Kimono is the starting point for an amazing outfit.

koh-koh-womens-stunning-black-kimono-sleeve-floral-print-v-neck-maxi-dressThe Most Affordable Option For The Quality

It is very hard to find an alternative Kimono that is this well made, designed, and put together for less money.  At just under $40 at the time of writing, the dress is already slashed $20 off.  In addition, the shipping cost is completely covered by the company.  You end up paying roughly half of what you would pay if you were purchasing something similar.

View on AmazonPros And Cons Of The Stunning Floral Print Kimono

As stated above, individuals loved the look and feel of the dress.  In addition, they appreciated how light weight it was and fun to wear at events.  As maxi dresses go, the Kimono is easy to wear and great for taller women.  The vast majority of people who purchased it ended up very happy with their decision.

Some minor problems with the stunning floral print Kimono include its length.  At 57”, you will either have to hem the bottom or be naturally tall make this look good.  Be aware that larger boobs and cleavage will be pretty dramatic thanks to the cut.  If you have larger boobs, then you may want to consider getting a larger Kimono.

A Wrap Up

There are some minor complaints with this Kimono.  Barring a few problems, the Kimono still manages to stand as a great purchase thanks to its overall great design and price.  If you are in the market for a maxi dress and like the Kimono flare, then you should definitely have Koh Koh at the top of your purchasing list.

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