A Review Of The Koh Koh Women’s Kimono Sleeve V-Neck Versatile Long Floral Print Maxi Dress

A brand centered around clothing, accessories, and more, Koh Koh has made a name for itself by providing customers with good quality, low cost products.  Adding to their list of products, their most recent Women’s Kimono Sleeve V-Neck borrows heavily from similar patterns to bring a new and light look to the traditional design.  How does Koh Koh’s Kimono Sleeve V-Neck compare to the competition and is it worth getting?  Let’s take a moment to find out.

The Koh Koh Women’s Kimono is made of polyester spandex and comes in a wide range of sizes depending on need.  Decorative flowers add brightness to a darker blue background.  With a total length of 57”, the Kimono is designed to hang low and cover the feet.  Both hand washable and capable of being dry cleaned; the Kimono has free shipping worldwide.

Highly Versatile

Whether you are in the market or not, the Koh Koh Women’s Kimono is a highly versatile article of clothing that can be used in many ways.  A less formal dress perfect for warmer weather, the Kimono is great when relaxing and looking relaxed is key.  It can go over swimsuits, used as a night gown, and much more.  With a single purchase you get a multi use piece of clothing that is highly versatile.

An Excellent Deal Price Wise

Another thing worth considering is Koh Koh’s free shipping for its Kimono dress.  Making it even more affordable, you can get a pretty fantastic deal for significantly less than the competition.  Priced at just below $40 at the time of writing, you are already saving a lot on costs.

Pros And Cons Of The Koh Koh Women’s Kimono

For those taller women, the Kimono dress is perfect, providing plenty of coverage.  Individuals love how light and breathable the fabric is as well as how the color of the dress in person is just as vibrant as what is pictured.  Quite comfortable, the Kimono is perfect for summer outdoor wear.  Others report that the Kimono dress is perfect for receiving compliments, as it is both decorative, informal, and fun to wear.  As a final consideration, people really enjoyed the sleeves as well.

One of the major cons is the general lack of modesty reported by some women.  Those with larger than a B cup will end up showing a lot of cleavage in this dress.  Another common problem is that the Kimono dress is too long for shorter people.  Hemming the bottom by hand is a solution that some have found to alleviate this.

A Wrap Up

Is the Kimono dress by Koh Koh worth getting?  From what we can gather, it is more than worth it if you are in the market for something like it.  Providing a unique design and serving a great role in summer wear, the Kimono dress with colorful floral patterning is a multi-use garment that you will no doubt be using again and again.  When paired with a pretty affordable price and free shipping, the Kimono dress is a steal.