A Review Of The Koh Koh Women’s Kimono Sleeve Bright Floral Print V-Neck Maxi Dress

Koh Koh is a well known company providing quality clothing and more online.  Recently, their line of Kimono Sleeve dresses have gotten a lot of attention for their innovative design and price.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review their Bright Floral Print Kimono and see whether or not you should consider getting it.

The bright floral print Kimono is striking with its brilliant colors.  An emphasis on teals clashing well with a yellow backdrop, the overall look is exuberant.  The dress itself is made from a polyester spandex material.  Being both lightweight and comfortable to wear, the Kimono comes in a range of sizes to fit just about every form.  The long skirt makes it great for taller women.  As with other Koh Koh products, you get free shipping on this Kimono, saving you even more money.

View on AmazonTwo Brilliant Color Options

The bright floral print Kimono comes in 2 color ways.  The first as described above manages to be striking while still toned down.  A beautiful print consisting of flowers in front of geometric shapes and patterns, the dress is a marvel to look at.  The second color option duplicates the design but replaces the teal with a more striking brilliant blue and white.  Either choice will leave you looking festive and comfortable in a number of different situations.

koh-koh-women-s-bright-blue-floral-kimono-print-sleeve-v-neck-maxi-dressYou Can’t Beat The Versatility

You can try, but it is hard to find a piece of clothing that provides as much varied use as the bright floral print Kimono. First, the Kimono is excellent to wear around the house.  Whether it is an informal day dress or night gown, it is soft and comfortable.  It can also be used for poolside parties and other destinations where showing a bit of skin is the right approach.  The high hem line underneath the breasts make it fit well with a number of different frames.  All in all, you may be surprised at just how much you begin to rely on the Kimono once you buy it.

View on AmazonPros And Cons Of The Bright Floral Print Kimono

As stated above, one of the best things about the Kimono is how comfortable it is.  On top of being comfortable, it is also highly versatile as individuals report having purchased it for varied reasons.  Being well priced, it is easy to see why people gave it a shot.  The overall impression have been overwhelming positive.

That being said, the bright floral print Kimono is not without some minor issues.  A major issue is the length of the dress.  Individuals under 5’ 6” may need to have the bottom of the dress hemmed.  In addition, those with a larger bust will have to go a size up or risk it not fitting.  As a final consideration, the higher waist line cut makes it a challenge with larger breasts and may require something like a chemise.

A Wrap Up

Barring minor problems (which tend to come up with Koh Koh products), the bright floral print Kimono is worth your consideration and even money if you are in the market.  It is hard to find a Kimono for this price where the imagery and patterns are fully detailed and not pixelated.  With the ability to address many of the smaller problems through having it tailored or sewing yourself, you will end up using the Kimono more than you might first imagine.  Comfortable and light weight, it is a great way to stand out and look beautiful.

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