A Review of the Billabong Juniors Secret Dreamer Floral Kimono Cardigan Blouse

Earning its reputation as a superior producer of exercise and sports clothing, Billabong has since branched out to provide a wide range of products under its brand name.  Utilizing its legacy for superior design, clothing released under the brand has generally positive reviews.  So, does the Secret Dreamer Floral Kimono Cardigan live up to the reputation of the company in terms of quality or are you better off going with the competition?  Let’s take a moment to carefully review the Kimono and see for ourselves.

Please note: During a random check on the 13th of November 2017 this product appears to no longer be available on Amazon

billabong-juniors-secret-dreamer-floral-kimono-cardigan-blouseThe Kimono cardigan released by Billabong represents the combination of several interesting, if not distinctly different, aesthetics.  Utilizing the shaped nature of a cardigan provides form to the truncated Kimono creating a look that is casual yet professional.  Great as a relaxed lightweight coat, the Kimono cardigan is 100% polyester.  Imported, the Kimono cardigan is machine washable.  A gradient print of beautiful roses and stems over a light backdrop makes it great for a wide range of uses.  Finally, at less than $27 at the time of writing this review and with free shipping, the Kimono cardigan is well priced for how unique it is.

View on AmazonA Versatile Design

Need something to wear over your clothes for more professional settings?  Want a swim suit cover that will help protect you from the sun?  Interested in a great night dress or casual around the house clothing?  You get all of this and more with a single purchase.  Fashionable and elegant, the Kimono cardigan will keep finding its way into your clothing lineup as an easily accessible and good looking addition to just about any outfit.

View on AmazonLightweight

Unlike traditional cardigans that can be a little heavier, the Kimono cardigan remains lightweight while also providing draped sleeves.  This makes it perfect for summer, when having airy clothing helps.  The 100% polyester design is smooth on the skin and reduces the chance of sweating often seen with heavier fabrics.  If you love layering, even in warmer moths, then you should really consider this.

Pros And Cons Of The Billabong Kimono Cardigan

One of best things about the kimono cardigan is how well it fits.  Offered in medium and large, the kimono cardigan does a great job of providing cover.  You will appreciate how it drapes around your body and arms, creating a flowing look that works great when worn with skirts.  Being very comfortable, it is enjoyable to wear against the skin, as well as over something like a bathing suit.

One of the biggest problems with the Kimono cardigan is that it is not available in smaller sizes.  In addition, you may find that the Kimono cardigan falls out of fashion once the cold weather returns.

A Wrap Up

While limited a little by colder weather and size, the Kimono cardigan created by Billabong is none-the-less a great piece of clothing that will find frequent use during the warmer months of the year.  If you are looking for a multi-purpose cover that is laid back and relaxed, then this should be near, if not at the top, of your list.

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