London Fashion Week 2009: A Look Back at Five of the Top Designers

This is an older article from 2009, nothing recent so please keep in mind when reading. Models for fifty six of the worlds top fashion designers will walk the catwalk this year in London, as they unveil their new designs for the whole world to see. London Fashion week welcomes buyers and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world, and will begin this week of fashion unveiling, February 20, 2009, at 10 o’clock a.m., when the first model walks out.
Listed here are five of London Fashion Week’s designers whose designs I believe are the epitome of good taste and sophistication.

london fashion week 20091. London Fashion Week Designer: Caroline Charles

Caroline Charles has spent the last 40 years building up her business, and today is one of the most respected designers of women’s wear in the industry. Her clothes are marketed and sold throughout the world. Diana, Princess of Wales, and Liza Minnelli have been clients of hers, and she has dressed such stars as, Barbara Streisand, Ringo Starr and Queen Muna of Jordan to name a few.

The clothing line that she will be unveiling at London Fashion Week, is of soft fabric and very colorful with a simple design.

You can go online to to view some of her different clothing lines.

2. London Fashion Week Designer: Margaret Howell

Margaret is from Surrey England, and has won awards for her contribution to fashion. The clothing that she will be unveiling is contemporary, but yet modern. She has given a lot of attention to detail as well as the clothing being functional.

The colors she uses is quite basic and in neutrals, and she uses color to accessorize. You can view her different clothing lines at

3. London Fashion Week Designer: Betty Jackson

Ms. Jackson launched her first line of clothing in 1981, and by 1985 she won British Designer of the Year.

The characteristics of Betty’s clothing line is the texture and print. They are soft and relaxed; giving a slight sense of romance. Each of her designs will be complimented with a complete range of accessories. Her clothing is relaxed and comfortable; done mostly in neutrals with just the right touch of color. You can view some of her clothing at

4. London Fashion Week Designer: Paul Smith

In 1976 Mr. Smith introduced his first line of Men’s clothing. He now has a women’s line as well rugs, china and fragrance.

The clothing that he will be unveiling is simple yet elegant, with just a touch of outrageous. If ever clothes could be considered fun, these clothes would be it. You can go online to to view some of his other creations.

London Fashion Week Designer: Josh Goot

Mr. Goot comes from Australia. In April 2005 his debut collection won him the Tiffany and Co. Young Designer of the Year Award.

Some of the leading boutiques in the world, including Browns Focus of London, and Maria Luisa in Paris, carry his line of clothing.

The clothing that Josh Goot will be unveiling at London Fashion Week is simple and elegant. It is artistic how he layers color, and then blends it into one article of clothing.

The thing I like best about Josh Goot’s clothing line is, a woman with figure flaws can wear his clothing and yet look flawless. More of his clothing can be seen at