LL Women’s Lace Kimono Open Front Poncho Cover Up Wrap

When you know that even the lightest weight jackets and cover-ups just aren’t going to cut it in the middle of the summer but do not feel comfortable going “bare shouldered” into a particular event you’ll want to reach for this LL Women’s Lace Kimono Open Front Poncho Cover Up Wrap more often than not!

Kimono Open Front PonchoBeautifully designed with a vintage kimono style that is a bit of a hybrid cardigan, you’re going to be able to utilize this cover-up and a number of different ways and with pretty much every outfit in your wardrobe to not only beat the summer heat but also to add an extra punch of classy and elegant style to otherwise casual outfits.

This incredibly elegant open front poncho is very romantic looking, a bit of a throwback to a simpler time without ever sacrificing modern fabrics, modern fit, or modern finishes that are so important today.

View on AmazonA unique blend between the past, present, and future of summer fashion, the odds are pretty good that you are going to fall head over heels in love with everything that this open front kimono/poncho style cover-up brings to the table!

Versatility is the name of the game

As highlighted above, one of the most significant challenges women have these days is finding a cover-up that can do double duty as a very elegant and classy piece without ever turning a casual outfit into something too stiff or too formal.

This lace kimono open front poncho never suffers from that problem!

Instead you are going to be able to utilize this kimono in pretty much any and every way imaginable. Wear it to the beach as a summertime cover-up, wear it out to dinner as a casual “jacket”, and wear it to special events as a more elegant wrap and you’ll find that it works perfectly in every single situation.

View on AmazonSuper soft, super comfortable, and appropriate for any situation

One of the best advantages to purchasing this lace wrap is that it’s going to keep you well ventilated while adding quite a bit to your overall style in ways that “solid” cover ups simply couldn’t ever pull off.

Not only that, but this wrap is also appropriate for any style and aesthetic. You’ll find yourself reaching for this spring and summer wrap all year round, even in the winter when it has been layered appropriately!

View on AmazonThe lace material used about is very comfortable, and because it is so delicate to the touch and whimsical in design is going to soften up otherwise minimalist outfits that could have been perceived as being too cold or too formal.

Sizing has been a little bit hit and miss

According to online reviews, the appropriate sizing for the LL Women’s Lace Kimono Open Front Poncho Cover Up Wrap has definitely been a little bit hit or miss.

Some have said that the sizing is right on the money and that they purchased the same size that they always purchase, whereas others have complained that it’s a little bit on the shorter side of things and that unless you order a single size up you might feel a little bit of tightness in the shoulders.

This is definitely something that you want to consider before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

This beautiful LL Women’s Lace Kimono Open Front Poncho Cover Up Wrap is going to be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe and it’s definitely a big benefit that it can be worn all year round when layered with different outfits.

Soft, comfortable, elegant, and classy, it’s the kind of piece that will always be in fashion.

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