Frye Women’s Cowboy Boots

My own personal favorite collection of ladies boots is the lineup of Frye Women’s Cowboy Boots. While having a distinct western style, these boots are quite possibly the most fashionable and sleekest boots available! And – with the increase in demand for western styles, Frye has expanded their styles to include more “cowgirl” styles than ever before.

Here are some top sellers from the Frye western boots collection for women:

1. Frye Harness 12R for Women – This boot has been around for some time now, and is probably the most well known boot from Frye for either women or men. It has a sort of “cavalry” look about it with a simple sleek design including a squared-off toe and a sleek looking harness strap around the ankle. (If a woman has never owned a pair of Frye boots, I recommend purchasing this particular boot first – it hasn’t been the longest-term, hottest selling boot from Frye for no reason!)

2. Frye Billy Short – This boot has a strong, sharp western style about it, with a bootie cut that makes it a cute choice with either tucked-in jeans or skirts. It also has a “weathered” leather and laid-back look – which probably has brought it up to the top of the charts in popularity this year.

3. Frye Billy Pull On – Another very western boot with a laid back look from the Billy collection. This boot is a taller version of the Billy, coming up to just below the knee and is available in some sleek and rich colors. With the current trend of sharper western styles this year, this boot takes front and center stage for its overall looks and great fit and feel.

4. Frye Carson Shortie – I considered stopping on this article on the “Billy Pull On” but felt the need to let women know about the Carson Shortie – who were not already aware of it. With a distinct western style, this boot nonetheless has a bit of a “softer touch” to it, with a more rounded and bumped toe style and a short bootie western style that can’t be beat. It is a simple and sleek boot – and is cute as a button!

As I mentioned earlier, the lineup of Frye women’s cowboy boots this year has expanded – the above list gives but a very short look at a lovely, long list. The styles above are currently the top sellers, but the entire lineup is most definitely worth taking the time to look over!