Finejo Women’s Summer Elegant Floral Slim Beach Casual Long Maxi Dress

This isn’t your standard Maxi dress, so let’s get that right out of the way right off of the bat.

With a very Spanish/Mediterranean-style aesthetic and inspiration, the fit and cut of this casual Long Maxi dress is almost completely different from what you are probably used to from more traditional Maxi dress options – but that’s also what makes it so exciting.

Elegant Floral Slim Beach Casual Long Maxi DressEverything about this dress is very European through and through, and the material that it takes advantage of the super lightweight to help you fight back against summer heat waves. Beautifully designed (and even more beautifully put together), there are some things that you are going to want to be aware of before you purchase this dress – but we’ll highlight each and every one of those details in this quick review below. Shall we dive right in?

View on AmazonThis summertime dress has it all when it comes to fit and fabric

Searching for a beautiful summer dress to help you fight back against the heat can be an almost impossible task, especially if you get the fit or fabric wrong when you make your purchase.

You need to find dresses that are manufactured out of the lightest weight and most breathable fabric of available, but you also want to find the dresses that are made to be as willowy and as loose fitting as possible without completely hiding your figure.

View on AmazonThankfully, this particular casual Long Maxi dress knocks both of those key criteria right out of the park!

With the European/Spanish/Mediterranean style aesthetically mentioned above the fit and finish of this dress is quite unique compared to some of the other options that you’ll come across on the market today, but that’s only going to help you capture more attention when you step out in this beautiful dress.

FINEJO Womens Summer Elegant Floral Slim BeachThe synthetic fabric used is very lightweight, very strong, but very breathable – exactly what you’re looking for in a dress that you anticipate wearing when it isn’t exactly all that cool outside.

View on AmazonThis is definitely a dress that can double as a cover up, though you’ll want to be aware of the fact that it is quite sheer – so you want to be sure that you have something you feel comfortable in on underneath.

Unique aesthetic will capture attention everywhere you go

Combined with the cut that accentuates curves without ever looking big or bulky, the unique patterns of available with this dress will help you capture attention everywhere you go as well.

Designed to shield and protect you from the summer sun and all the damage it is capable of, this dress is going to move as you move, acting almost as a second skin without ever feeling constricting or too tight.

View on AmazonThe patterns are red-hot, floral, and retro with a modern twist, and you’ll get your fair share of complements when you step out in this dress for sure!

Sizes do run small so order accordingly

According to the majority of reviews online regarding this Finejo Women’s Summer Elegant Floral Slim Beach Casual Long Maxi Dress you’re going to find its sizing to run rather small (at least one size) so make sure that you order a slightly larger size when you purchase this dress.

As long as you are aware of this detail ahead of time and there’s really nothing to worry about!

Trying to find a Maxi dress that is as beautiful as it is comfortable can feel like a real uphill battle. But with this beautifully cut and perfectly manufactured dress out of breathable synthetic materials you won’t have to worry about any headache or hassle in the future.

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