Fashion Bug: Great Women’s Fashions at Very Low Prices

As a stay-at-home mom for 9 years, my wardrobe consisted of maternity clothes, cast-offs and assorted stained tee-shirts and sweat pants! So when I re-entered to work force, my wardrobe needed what could only be called an ‘extreme make-over’!

But of course, the reason that I re-entered the work force was to supplement the family income; ergo, I needed a professional wardrobe cheap! I was nervous, too, because I’ve always been short and ‘apple-shaped’ instead of ‘pear-shaped’. And after 6 pregnancies, I’d acquired a tummy. I was not looking forward to the ordeal of trying to fit into stylish clothes cut for a 5’10” 120lb woman

It was at this time, that I first visited Fashion Bug amp; Fashion Bug Plus stores. My first impression was good; ‘here’ I thought, ‘is a store with ambiance, reasonable prices, good-looking, well-fitting merchandise and helpful clerks’.

Selection and ‘one-stop-shopping’ caught my attention. I found swimwear, outerwear, footwear, lingerie, sleepwear, jewelry, handbags, accessories, hosiery, and gifts as well as blouses, slacks, skirts and dresses. They stock everything from cocktail-party to tailored-professional to business casual to active separates!

FB carries stylish clothing that looks great in all situations. The colors are elegant and rich. You can find trendy, cosmopolitan, mod, classic, and basics. The tops are cut in classic styles that become all figures. The slacks and skirts are designed to coordinate and give a smooth, sleek look.

I have worn FB garments for several years now and can attest to the durability and quality workmanship. Seams and hems are reinforced. Purses and footwear hold up to daily wear. Lingerie can be washed many times and still look great. Hosiery wears very well. Garments maintain color, shape and fit longer than most all others I’ve tried.

Fashion Bug also has a feature that I’ve not found in many stores. They carry plus sizes that actually look very attractive and business-like. My size falls between the regular and the plus and I can find all kinds of clothing that is very flattering to my proportions. I’ve shopped with friends who wear the larger plus sizes and they can find clothes that look fabulous!

They carry a girls’ line of well-made, stylish separates that my youngest daughter loves. When she suddenly and inexplicably jumped from a size 8 to a 10-12 just after I had purchased all her school clothes, I was able to re-outfit her with 6 top/bottom combos for about $50. And my 18-year-old daughter loves the junior and misses styles; they have the style she wants and the comfort she needs.

FB carries a line of excellent bras, panties, and support underwear and hose that is comfortable, durable and well-made! You can find sleepwear that is comfortable and cute. And I am very pleased with the trouser socks and pantyhose.

Value is a prime consideration for me, and FB fills the bill in several ways. They carry a line called ‘Priced-Just-Right’ which are modestly priced basics such as tees, tops and slacks. FB also runs excellent sales, such as the ‘Buy one item, get the 2nd for $1″ ‘Employee Discount Day – all regularly priced merchandise 40% off and clearance 20% off’ and other great discounts.

They frequently send out coupons like ‘$10 off a $25 purchase’ or even just a $10 off any purchase’ coupon. These coupons combined with the great selection, helps me literally fill my wardrobe in just one store.

FB also offers a store credit card which gives several bonuses. First, you usually get a gift for opening (handbag, tote, knapsack). You also get a % off your first purchase. It also has no annual fee; you don’t use it, you don’t pay anything. You get even more special promotional pricing, as well. There are frequent ‘15% off your purchase when you use your charge card’ sales too. My favorite part are the rebates; you get a % back for every $ you spend and they add up quickly. I have never shopped at FB without a coupon, rebate or special pricing.

But talk is cheap; figures are where its at (pardon the pun!). Here is an example of my bargains at FB. For my fall and winter wardrobe I needed quite a lot and here’s what I bought at different sales, using coupons, promotions and card savings.
$5 – – – purse
$18 – -3 bras
$9 – – -pantyhose
$10 – -4 support undergarments
$12 – -2 pairs dress shoes
$20 – -3 blouses
$18 – -3 tops
$25 – -3 dress slacks
$18 – -3 skirts
$10 – -accessories (6 pr earrings, 3 necklaces, several hair ornaments)
$5 – – -leather driving gloves
$6 – – -hat and scarf
$20 – -all weather coat
$10 – -watch

$186 and this earned almost $20 rebate for future purchases.

Note: Fashion Bug no longer exists, but I liked reading this and it’s a little insight into the past!