What Every Girl Needs in Her Fashion Emergency Kit

Every woman has had that horrible experience happen to them when their dress rips and they don’t have anything to fix it, or their heel breaks and they are left to walk barefoot until they can reach their car.

One time I had the bad judgment to wear a pair of heels without walking around in them for a while before. While they sure looked great with my new dress, my feet hurt horribly.

Since then I have always kept a pair of ballet flats or flip flops in my purse just in case I just can’t walk in my heels anymore.

So, here are the essential things that every women should carry in her emergency kit in her purse, just in case they have a fashion emergency just like I did that one day.

  • Mints– For bad breath.
  • Tampons– For those unexpected period days.
  • Safety Pins– For those rips and tears.
  • Ballet Flats– I always carry a pair of these in my purse so I can slip them on if my feet hurt or if I happen to break a heel.
  • Aspirin– For headaches.
  • Double Sided Stick Tape– It can be used for many different purposes, so it is always great to have.
  • Brush– You never know when you’re going to have a bad hair day.
  • Hair Spray/Hair Gel– To fix your hair fast.
  • Hair Ties– You can never have to many of these.
  • Detergent Sticks– To get out those stains.
  • Deodorant– You never know when you might need this.
  • Deodorant Eraser Sponges– Erases deodorant stains that you may leave the house never knowing you have them.
  • Sweater– Just in case you get a chill.
  • Makeup– For any touch-ups that you might need to do during the day, or any blemishes that might need covering.

These are all the things that I keep in my fashion emergency kit, and I think that I have had an occasion where I have needed every one of them.

Since hopefully, your purse isn’t big enough to hold all of these things, I suggest making a kit of these things that you think that you will need most and put them in your purse.

The rest of the things you can just keep in your car, so you can always quickly go and get them if you need them.