Durango Women’s Cowboy Boots

One thing that stands out to me when it comes to Durango women’s cowboy boots is their distinctly different looks. This name in boots has really moved to a “fashion forward” position, making it possible to purchase extremely stylish boots at a lower price.

Among those styles, here are what are apparently the top-most looked for so far:

Durango Crush Harness Boots – These are right in line with harness western styles for women, having a bit of a slouchy look and a slim harness about the ankle which really sets it off. These are available in both 12 inch and 13 inch shaft heights, and can be found in dark rich colors.

Durango Crush Jealous – A very descriptive name for a boot! And – per their name – they would quite likely cause a woman to be jealous, unless she owned a pair! This is a boot from the Durango Crush collection that has a distinct western cut and style, with a tapered sharp toe and embroidered detailing on the shaft.

RD 4112 Boot – This is the most traditional looking among the popular Durango boots for women this year, having a distressed appearance to the leather, tapered toe and a height that is just below the knee. For those ladies looking for simply a nice looking western boot, this is a good choice.

Durango Crush Fashion Boot – This is another boot in the “hot sellers” lineup that is from the Crush collection. It has quite a sleek look to it, with a feminine looking heel and a number of different color combinations to choose from.

Durango Crush Shorty – This boot is most definitely worth mentioning, since it is one of the most stylin’ western booties I have seen so far this year. There are different looks available for this general style of boot from Durango, the most beautiful of which has a cross pattern embroidered on the shaft and a smaller cross on the vamp. While it may not look like it, this boot can be found at quite a reasonable price – especially considering its style.

Others from the Durango women’s cowboy boots lineup this year to keep an eye out for are the Crossroads Harness (comparable in style to the Frye Harness 12R boot), the Durango Western Shorty. There are others in this lineup – an impressive collection this year!