Bestyou Women’s Semi-sheer Lace Floral Kimono Cardigan Swimwear Cover Up Beachwear

This lace cover up is going to be the “must-have” addition to your summer season wardrobe the moment that you lay eyes upon it.

Bestyou Womens Lace Swimsuit Cover UpDesigned with that retro flair that is absolutely red-hot in the world of fashion today, but taking advantage of modern materials and featuring a very modern cut, you are going to look fantastic when you slide into this semi-sheer lace floral kimono cover up – regardless of whether or not you were leaving the beach, the pool, or just cruising down the boardwalk!

Super light weight, very attractive, and a lot more durable than a lot of people are going to think it is right off the bat, this is certainly going to be your summertime companion. You just won’t want to leave the house without it!

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100% cotton construction keeps you feeling fantastic all summer long

While a lot of the other popular cover up options on the market today take advantage of modern synthetic fabrics like Lycra, polyester, etc., this particular option –the Bestyou Women’s Semi-sheer Lace Floral Kimono Cardigan Swimwear Cover Up Beachwear – abandons those modern synthetics in favor of a much more natural material in cotton.

The cotton used here is selected for a bunch of different reasons, but the biggest one has to be just how light and breathable this fabric is even when the summer sun is at its warmest. It is going to feel like a second skin, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first to forget that you were wearing this cover up just because of how truly lightweight and airy it really is!

View on AmazonBeautiful vintage design with a very modern cut and aesthetic

This is the kind of cover up/shawl that you would have seen gracing popular magazines and advertisements in the 1960s and 1970s, exactly the kind of vintage style that is absolutely red-hot right now.

At the same time, this lace semi-sheer kimono cover up has a very modern cut to it that is tremendously flattering to every body type unimaginable. Everyone (and we mean everyone) that shrugs into this cover up is going to fall in love with the way they look, just because of how well put together it is.

View on AmazonRelaxed fit requires smart shopping

You do want to be sure that you order the right size when you purchase this cover-up, if only because it has been designed with a “relaxed fit” that needs to be accounted for.

Most people are able to order their true size, but some have elected to order a slightly smaller size just to make sure that they aren’t ever worrying about swimming in cotton lace fabric!

Final verdict

When it gets right down to it you’ll need to make sure that you are wearing something of adorable to the beach or to the pool, especially if you want to be able to go from these places to a restaurant or out for drinks without any wardrobe worry.

The Bestyou Women’s Semi-sheer Lace Floral Kimono Cardigan Swimwear Cover Up Beachwear deserves to be in your beach bag whenever it isn’t over your shoulders!

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