Bestyou Women’s Crochet Floral Lace Fringe Kimono Cover up Beachwear Swimwear

Lace fringe kimonos are the perfect fashion piece for this upcoming summer season, especially those that want to spend a lazy weekend mornings sitting out in the sun enjoying their favorite cup of coffee or tea and a bit of fruit.

Floral Kimono Cover upThe kind of “lazy loungewear” that has a tremendous amount of elegance and class to it, this kimono cover up/bathrobe is going to completely change the way that you go about casual style this summer.

There are only about a million and one different ways that you could wear this lace fringe kimono cover up, ranging from using it as an actual cover up down at the beach to wearing it as sleepwear or using it as a bit of a summertime “housecoat” – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

View on AmazonThe versatility that this beautiful kimono brings to the table is off the charts and that’s what makes it such an attractive addition to your wardrobe.

Beautiful cotton lace keeps you cool all summer long

Unlike synthetic fabrics which promised to help you shed extra heat and stay cool all summer long but never really meet expectations, this 100% cotton lace kimono is going to have you staying nice and fresh no matter how high the mercury in a thermometer rises in the summer.

This natural fabric is light, airy, and comfortable. It should stick to its shape without sticking to your body, providing you with a modern look with vintage inspired style that’s tough to beat.

View on AmazonThe lace is strategically located throughout this piece to ventilate the most heat possible while keeping your privacy respected, making this the kind of cover up that you ever feel bad about wearing out in public – even if you never visited the beach with it to begin with!

Soft, smooth, and still incredibly durable

The other amazing thing about the use of 100% cotton in this lace kimono style cover-up is that it is going to remain tremendously durable so long as you take pains to wash and dry it intelligently.

There’s a reason why all of us have a favorite cotton T-shirt that has been beaten in better than anything else off the rack, and that’s exactly how you’re going to feel about this cotton lace style kimono cover up after it’s been the wash cycle a dozen times or so.

Eventually it too is going to “release” and break in to the kind of effortlessly wearable material just like all of your favorite old-school T-shirts. But unlike many of those older pieces of clothing you won’t have worry about this cover-up passing the point of no return and becoming so broken in and that it disintegrates without any warning.

View on AmazonThe only thing that you want to be aware of that could be a little bit of an issue is the overall fit of this cover-up – it’s a bit looser and more relaxed than some of the other options out there. Some minor alterations can tuck it in here, there, and everywhere until it fits your body a little better.

Final verdict

All things considered, this lace kimono style cover-up is a stunner through and through.

Sure, you might want to consider slight alterations for a more formfitting piece (especially if you plan on wearing this out and not just to the beach), but other than that it’s one of the best options available on the market today.

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