The Best Online Sources for Vintage Shopping and Designer Discounts

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, gives me a fair advantage to try and hear about new site, stores, and brand name items. Now, like most women, just because I love designer goods, doesn’t mean I want to pay designer prices. I am also a lover of vintage. There’s something special to me about scoring that one of a kind piece that you know no one else is going to have. It oftem makes you wonder the item’s history too. It’s really fun, and challenging.

I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorite online shopping destinations and secrets for scoring both one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and deep designer discount pieces. The mother of all shopping websites. If you can’t find what you are looking for on ebay, chances are, you can’t find in anywhere! Be sure to check a seller’s feedback rating. (Anything above 98% is trustworthy) Be sure the seller has tons of pictures, authenticity cards for the item (if it’s designer), and/or receipts of original purchase. If you have questions, ask away! Once you bid and win the item, you have entered into a binding agreement and must purchase and pay for the item, so make sure you are confident with what you are buying! Offers very low-priced vintage items of every department and nature Has 20 fashion vintage dealers Has high-quality jewelry, accessories, clothing, from vintage to new This is the premiere source for anything luxury: Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, and more can be found here This is a European site that features elusive designers, such as: Alexander McQueen, Viktor amp; Rolf, and from the mini-me section: Baby Boom and Miu Miu diaper bags! This online store is filled with designer overstock from L.A.’s best stores. You can expect to find labels such as: Ella Moss, Ya-Ya, and 7 For All Manking jeans at up to 75% off retail! I recently purchased a Juicy Couture skirt from here, and although it retailed for : $425, I got it for $70! This was the original of the vintage websites, and has thousands of items from the forties through the seventies This is an easy-to-use site with with items and available sizes all on one page This is one of the best sites and easiest to navigate. The best of the best and biggest name designers are represented on this well-edited site. New fashions available as well as vintage too….great mix and selection at this site! One of the most popular, well-organized, and best sites for anything designer. Every department you can possibly think of is represented, at deep discounts. This site is all brand new merchandise, and all overstock. You can search by item, size, color, popularity, designer name, or by price. Many of the styles and items are even from current collections! These are all first-rate, first quality items at anywhere from 15%-90% off retail! This is an online consignment shop that actually gets it’s goods from celebrities and socialites. You can expect to find coveted accessories from current and past seasons and rare vintage finds too! You can expect to find very high end designers such as: Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel pieces on this site. These are all designer items that have maybe been worn once or twice by a rock star or celebrity or model. These are carefully inspected before they are put up for sale. Has a great selection of Pucci bags, Prada pumps from previous seasons, starting at 20% off. You can search by size or designer with this site. Here’s the great part: shipping is free! They have a great selection of Chanel too! This is the famed “discount” website of the famous discount department store: Loehmann’s. Please don’t pause or wait on a purchase here. Chances are, it will be gone the next time you look. They have a great selection of Diane Von Furstenberg dresses and other pieces

Online shopping for discounted names and vintage pieces can be just as fun as the real thing. If you are worried about size and measurements, make sure the company has a return policy. If you are unsure at all with clothing pieces, (especially with vintage), stick to accessories and shoes, and do your clothing shopping at actual vintage and consignment boutiques. But, if all else fails, and you have to have that one piece, and it doesn’t fit, sell it on eBay!