Kimonos are loose-fitting robes which are typically of longer length. They are Japanese or Japanese-inspired and usually feature wider sleeves and sash belts. These designs were initially worn for formal events within Japan. Today, they are worn in many different ways by women from all over the world.

Avidlove Womens Kimono Peacock and Blossoms SilkSince they are beautiful and functional, kimonos remain perennial favourites with women who wish to highlight their femininity and natural beauty via fashion.

If you’re interested in kimonos, you’ll enjoy our comprehensive guide. We’re going to share some important information about how to choose a kimono which is just right for you. There are lots of different styles available and we’re going to discuss each of the most popular styles, with a mind to giving you a sense of what’s available and what might be a perfect fit for your needs and your personal style.

MeiLing Womens Printed Chiffon KimonoOnce you’ve chosen your own kimono, you may find that it becomes a treasured part of your wardrobe. Whether you go for something basic and affordable, choose a mid-range design or go for something truly deluxe, you’ll find that there’s really no substitute for the traditional beauty of this garment. It’s definitely an exceptional robe that you’ll love to wear!

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to choose a kimono and discuss the many forms of kimonos which are sold these days.

Before we begin, we should mention that floral kimono styles are the most popular. These designs are definitely super-feminine and they feature floral motifs which are embroidered or printed onto fabric. The styles that we’re going to talk about today do have floral patterns and these styles offer the highest level of traditional beauty and style.

So, do consider a floral kimono if you want an authentic look…

Is a Floral Kimono Cardigan Right for You?

Fringe Printed Chiffon Cover up Tunic Kimono CardiganA floral kimono cardigan combines traditional Japanese design elements with modern functionality. When you choose this type of garment, you’ll be able to wear it over jeans and a basic t-shirt or tank top in order to dress up your whole look. Your floral kimono cardigan will be so easy to wear and it will function as a fun (and warm!) layer over any kinds of basics.

Bigbigfuture Womens Fringe Printed Chiffon Cover up Tunic Kimono CardiganKeep the rest of your outfit simple in order to put the spotlight on the cardigan. You shouldn’t need to add a lot of accessories in order to get a distinct look, as the kimono will send a style message which is hard to ignore. This feminine design will make you feel fantastic.

A Floral Fringe Kimono Will Add Drama

Floral Kimono Cover upIf you love a bold, unique look which is yours alone, you’ll benefit from considering a floral fringe kimono. This type of robe has fringe detailing on the hem and/or sleeves and this elegant fringe offers a touch of vintage style which is very ornate and decorative.

Kimono Boho Cardigan with Velvet Floral Details – Size MediumThis is a dramatic look, so pair your floral fringe kimono with dark trousers or a dark shirt (or put it on over a dark dress) in order to create balance. Perfect for a formal event, this type of kimono should be chosen in a color palette which flatters your skin tone, hair color and eye color. A smoky eye and bright lipstick will be the perfect complement to this theatrical and appealing garment.

womens-chiffon-asian-floral-bird-leaf-print-fringe-kimonoA Sheer Floral Kimono is a Sensual Choice

Bestyou Womens Lace Swimsuit Cover UpIf you want something sexy which creates feminine allure, go for a sheer floral kimono. This may be worn in the bedroom or as a dressing gown which has lots of sexy edge. Also, it may be donned over a bathing suit at the beach. Since it is sheer, it’s a more provocative choice.

La Leela Embroidery Beachwear Sheer Bikini Cover up Tunic Kimono Swimwear Caftan TopIf you wish to wear in on the street, choose opaque layers for underneath. For example, a simple black sheath will allow you to feel covered-up and sophisticated as you wear this type of transparent design. Surprisingly versatile, a sheer floral kimono is a great way to feel sensual in an instant.

Sheer Black Floral KimonoA Floral Kimono Jacket is a Stylish Basic

Jackets always give women a polished look. If you love pulled-together fashion, adding a floral kimono jacket to your wardrobe will be a great way to look stylish. Throw this elegant floral jacket on over jeans or trousers for instant style or put it on over a dress or skirt. However you wear it, you’ll find that it brings old-world Japanese beauty to your wardrobe.

One fun option is to wear your jacket with designer jeans and a white tank top and then style your hair in a simple high ponytail or chignon. Add face powder and a scarlet lip for a modern version of old-fashioned Japanese style.

A Floral Kimono Top Is So Easy to Wear

A floral kimono top is one of the hottest and most happening versions of the traditional Japanese kimono. Some styles are long and others hit the hip. The longer styles are very popular right now and a lot of women wear them over cut-off jeans and tanks, with ballet flats. This simple look is great for summer and it’s really on-trend. You may use a floral kimono top as a finishing touch to any type of outfit. Since the kimono top has a pattern (flowers), it’s best to keep other elements of the outfit simple. Avoid other patterns unless you’re really comfortable with mixing patterns confidently. You’ll find that pulling on this top is a great way to boost personal style quickly, so it may just become a favourite this summer.

Floral Chiffon Cardigan

A floral chiffon cardigan will give you so many style options. This type of light and breezy floral kimono is a very light layer which will work as a fun cover-up for the beach, an easy and appealing sundress or a great outer layer for all kinds of basics. It won’t keep you warm, but it will make you look extremely feminine. This type of cardigan usually hits mid-thigh, but different lengths are available.

Perfect for the warm-weather months, this type of style has a bohemian vibe. Choose a lighter color palette in order to create a summery look which pairs well with simple, natural hair and makeup. Going for pink or peach will be a great way to add beauty to your warm-weather wardrobe.

Black Floral Kimono Cardigan

Black is a sexy color which is also very sophisticated. If you want a slimming floral kimono, you’ll find that choosing a black floral kimono cardigan is a smart option. You’ll always feel attractive in this design, as darker colours definitely camouflage figure flaws!

Womens Flowing Floral Print Chiffon Kimono Cardigan TopGet a cohesive look which is model-inspired by pairing your black cardigan with leggings and a long, thigh-length tank. Go for drama with high-heeled sandals or keep it simple with ballet flats or ankle boots. The kimono will add plenty of style without being too heavy. These designs are typically light in weight and very comfortable.

Highlight Your Beauty in a Navy Floral Kimono

Navy is such a classic and flattering color and it looks particularly great on women with cooler skin tones. If you love wearing navy blue, choosing a floral kimono in this deep and lovely tone will be a great way to feel beautiful. Flowers may be any color, from pink to red and beyond. Just make sure that this kimono’s base color is navy blue.

If you plan to wear this elegant kimono with jeans, you’ll find that navy blue is the perfect complement to a pair of faded denims. All that you’ll need is a basic tank top, a bit of blush on the cheeks and some rosy lip gloss in order to get fashionable look which looks great for a date or an outing with friends. Pink flowers do look beautiful on navy blue, so consider finding a navy floral kimono with this palette. Silver jewelry will look great with this type of kimono.

Feel Gorgeous in a Silk Floral Kimono Robe

Kimono Robe BathrobesIf you want a special dressing gown to put on after baths or while you’re lounging around your home, be sure to indulge by choosing a silk floral kimono robe. This elegant choice will make you look beautiful, even if you’re makeup-free and watching some TV or surfing the Web.

Kimonos have a delicate and lovely appearance and they highlight everything that is beautiful about women. When worn over bare skin or lingerie, they are sensual and alluring choices. You deserve something gorgeous to put on, whether you’re interested in seduction or just looking to enjoy some downtime. Choose a color that you love and then make your kimono a special part of your everyday routine.

Avidlove Womens Kimono Robes Peacock and Blossoms Silk NightwearWhich Floral Print Kimono Jacket is the Best?

You’ll find that there are plenty of floral print kimono jacket options out there in the marketplace. In general, you should consider your body type. If you are curvy and want to streamline the look of your body, a darker design which is sheer will work well. If your body type is slim and you want to create a curvier silhouette, go for a heavier design in a lighter color.

Playing with color and fabric allows for a lot of different effects. You may wish to buy two or three of these designs, with different fabrics and color palettes, in order to add more variety and options to your wardrobe. Choosing a kimono jacket for each season will be a great way to accomplish this goal.

Hot Ways to Wear Kimonos

The most modern method of wearing kimonos is to wear them open over basics. However, you’re certainly not limited to this option, although it’s definitely a stylish one.

Another option is to create a “Bond girl” effect by wearing a dramatic kimono over black stockings, high heels and a silk chemise. Add big drop earrings with Japanese design elements, do a pretty up-do and add bold makeup in order to create a jaw-dropping look which really stops the traffic. Definitely tie the sash for this look. You should be going for an hourglass effect and tying the belt will help you to get it.

You don’t need to have traditionally-Japanese coloring (dark eyes and hair) in order to pull off the look. It will be just as flattering to a pale blond or redhead! It’s all about choosing a kimono which suits your coloring and then adding drama with hair, makeup and other accessories. High heels are a must for the Bond girl look. Red lips won’t hurt, either!

Another option is to take a sheer kimono on your next beach holiday. It’ll function as a gorgeous cover-up while you’re lazing on a chaise longue or strolling around a resort town. Style at resorts is very relaxed and you’ll find that your sheer cover-up is really appropriate.

If it’s not totally sheer, you may wear it as a light dress, over your bathing suit, and even go to a good restaurant while you have it on! Of course, you may also wear a sheer cover-up of this type to your local beach!

Bringing your own personal style to your outfits is important. We’re here to offer some direction, but we know that you have your own ideas about what style is and how to highlight your own beauty through fashion. This is why we encourage you to experiment with different looks which involve kimono garments.

Whether you want to wear them over rock band t-shirts and leather leggings for a truly alternative look that is super-edgy or prefer to give your kimono top professional polish by pairing it with wide-legged trousers, a high-necked blouse and simple pumps, you’ll find that there are so many ways to play with these tops in order to get specific looks. While kimono tops aren’t usually right for the office, pairing them with classics may be enough to make them office-friendly. It’s also possible to give them modern edge by adding winged eyeliner, creative hair and ultra-modern accessories.

Style may be formal and structures or easy and relaxed, or anything in between. How you wear kimonos is really up to you!

Kimonos are high fashion, since they are inspired by stunning formal garments from other centuries. However, they are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The fabric that you choose will have an impact on comfort. However, most styles do feature fabrics which have a little give and allow you to move well.

Look for Wearable Designs

Kimonos with very wide sleeves may not be as practical for every day, as they may make it harder to perform certain activities while you wear them, so do consider finding styles with moderately wide sleeves if you plan to wear them out and about. If you want a kimono for a formal event, for the bedroom or for lounging at home, going for traditional wide sleeves will be fun. You may always roll them up if you want to!

Lots of designers offer more practical versions of traditional kimonos and these designs are definitely very sensible choices which retain plenty of traditional kimono design elements.

Now that you have the inside scoop on kimonos and how to choose the best styles, you’ll be ready to make a big fashion impact.

How to Care for a Kimono

Some kimonos are precious antiques which require special care. You don’t want to throw these elegant garments into the washer with your sheets and towels! However, newer examples of kimonos from larger retailers should be easy to take care of. Reading the care tags (if there are care tags) will be a good way to learn what’s involved with properly laundering kimonos and kimono-inspired tops.

You’ll find that most styles are machine-washable. If there is a lot of embroidery or plenty of delicate fabric, you may want to consider hand-washing your kimono in cold water. Using cold water will ensure that colors don’t run and a quick wash in cold water with a very mild and gentle detergent should be enough to get a delicate kimono fresh and clean. Hang or lay flat to dry.

If a design is modern and made to be easy-care, just follow the instructions on the care tag. You’ll probably be able to put this type of kimono in the dryer without damaging it. It’s not difficult to take care of kimonos and you shouldn’t need to wash them too much. In fact, it’s best if you just wash them occasionally when they need it, particularly if they are embroidered and/or delicate.

Also, you should be able to dry-clean these designs if you want to. If the label says to dry clean, you should definitely choose this option. Again, you shouldn’t have to get it cleaned too often.

Which Color is Right for You?

Rules are made to be broken. However, we often look best in colors which complement the undertones in our skin. For example, if you have porcelain skin which doesn’t have freckles, and the veins inside of your wrist are blueish, you’re probably someone with a cool skin tone. This type of woman will look radiant in pale pink, any shade of blue, violet, pure white, black and mint green. Cool colors will look best and give the skin a fresher, younger look.

If you have neutral skin, which isn’t too warm or cool, you’ll look wonderful in kimono tops in sage green or stone. Neutral shades will look amazing on you, so choosing a top with a neutral palette will be a great way to highlight your coloring and look your best.

If you have warm skin, with yellow undertones (check for green veins inside of the wrist), you’ll look wonderful in sunny, golden yellow, tobacco-brown and burnt orange. Any warm color will complement your skin and make you glow.

If you need to learn more about color theory and how to dress for your coloring, you should be able to find lots of information online.

When choosing a color, make sure that the base shade of the kimono flatters your skin tone. The floral motifs don’t have to have the same flattering effect. Although it’s possible to find floral motifs which also complement skin tone, it’s not something that you should worry too much about. The basic color of the kimono should flatter you.

In terms of accessories, women with cool skin tones will look great when they add silver jewelry to their kimono top looks. Women with neutral skin tones will look wonderful in rose gold and women with warm skin tones will look great in yellow gold.

Again, rules are made to be broken. In the end, how you feel in a kimono is what’s most important.

If you do want to keep things “color-coded”, choose makeup which also flatters your skin tone. For example, women with cool skin tones should avoid warm lip colors, such as orange or toffee. They’ll look better in icy pink, true red or violet. Neutral women have more options, as they can pull off most shades. However, nude lip colors will probably look the best on them. Women with warm skin tones will look great in brick red lipstick or honey-toned gloss.

Choose a New Kimono Today

Hopefully, this long guide has provided you with lots of appealing and practical information about kimonos. Now that you know how many lovely floral styles are out there, and how these styles may be worn, you’ll be ready to choose the design which is right for your needs.

You’ll love wearing these types of styles. Since they have traditional elements, they look great on women of all ages. It’s possible to create tons of awesome style effects with these tops and robes and lots of women are discovering the classic beauty of these designs.

Shop for kimonos online in order to find a style which is a perfect match for your tastes, budget and coloring! Ordering online may also allow you to access a great deal, whether you want just one kimono top or a lot of them.